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Bournemouth Soundproofing have over 15 years’ experience in domestic, commercial and industrial soundproofing , from noisy neighbours to music studio we have provided a plethora pf projects across Bournemouth, Poole, Salisbury, Southampton and across the UK.

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With each soundproofing project, we always aim to provide customers with the most appropriate soundproofing possible today at an affordable cost, we will always try our best to provide cost effective solutions to our customers however there are occasions when there may only be one or two viable solutions depending on the construction of the existing area or available space to work.

Our team of experts are here to discuss all available options so that you can make an informed decision on which solution will be the most appropriate for you. We offer telephone advice as well as quotations and site surveys on request.

Residential Soundproofing Service

We understand that around or in close proximity to some people can be a bit of a struggle – Especially when it comes to hearing the neighbours routine in the mornings and evenings, from loud children to sound systems we can adapt one of our many solutions to your needs.

Examples of projects that may be similar to you.

Recently we provided a project for a customer who suffered with severe issues of hearing their neighbour shower in the mornings and their TV noise in the evenings. This caused a great deal of discomfort to the client when trying to unwind in the evenings, the neighbour below had an entirely different schedule meaning when one went to sleep after work the other was just getting ready for the day which over time becomes a very tiring process. Our project to this client enabled their property to feel like theirs again, by the time we had finished there was no noise issues and meant restless nights were a thing of the past.

We have helped customers in the past with mental disabilities relating to sound sensitivity which can mean in severe cases that unexpected noise can potentially cause a great deal of physical and mental harm. Bournemouth soundproofing have worked alongside some of the biggest charities such as ‘The Royal Voluntary Service’ and ‘SSAFA’ to help with confidentiality within their workplace and also to restore client comfort in their own homes. Our teams are trained to accommodate clients with special requirements and are able to ensure minimal disruption is maintained where possible whilst carrying our any works.

The team from Hush Soundproofing carried out some work on my property in February 2019. The job was to soundproof an upstairs bedroom in a semi detached house which due to the age of the property offered very little protection from the noise from the adjoining house and vice versa. The process for contacting Hush was simple and easy and Kieran and Lewis were very helpful and quick to respond with the relevant information needed to allow me to make an informed decision. The team arrived promptly on the day, were very friendly and explained what was going to happen over the next few hours. They completed the work to a high standard, leaving a nice plastered finish and no mess tidying up after themselves. The work was completed on time and I look forward to experiencing the benefits the new soundproofing has to offer! James CTrust A Trader

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Very friendly team. Excellent job from start to finish, leaving me with a lovely insulated floor. Highly recommend...


Steve and his team soundproofed the floors of my entire flat (900 sqf). They worked tidily and finished the job to a high standard.


Soundproofed 7 dogs by doing the wall and floor perfect job thanks Steve!


These guys couldn't be more helpful - they did the job quickly and efficiently - so hard working. So pleased with the results - thank you!


Fantastic job on both. couldn't recommend them enough. nice chaps and they felt like part of the family. Was sad to see them go they were that good and friendly.