Soundproofing Solutions.

Here at Bournemouth Soundproofing, we offer a wide selection of affordable cost-effective soundproofing solutions depending upon your requirements.

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Whatever the problem you’re experiencing, from noisy neighbours to the overwhelming noise of traffic, our trained acoustic professionals can discuss every option available to you so you can make an informed decision on your soundproofing requirements.

Our teams of acoustic technicians and installers have many years of experience in this specialist field making us the best choice for an effective installation and professional service.

All team members are tradespeople prior to their acoustic training, making them capable of not only providing our soundproof systems but also trade specific items such as carpentry, plumbing and electrics, meaning we can provide a variety of home improvements to your space alongside any acoustical work, Bournemouth Soundproofing can save you the stress of having to approach a variety of businesses by keeping all of your projects under one roof with Bournemouth Soundproofing’s own Project Management planning.

Bournemouth Soundproofing supply acoustic services  soundproof walls, soundproof ceilings and soundproof floors, all effective systems designed to reduce sound transference.

To ensure we provide the most accurate soundproofing solution possible, our team can visit your home to discuss your specific requirements. We will then be able to tailor a solution and quote that is fully accurate and affordable.

Already received a quotation? Bournemouth Soundproofing guarantee to beat any like for like quote. If you wish to proceed with your quote, we will then allocate a set of dates convenient to you for your project. We always will pride ourselves on being professional in our service.

After the completion of your project, the team will make sure that we leave the room in as close a condition as it was prior to the works.

Our Most Popular Soundproofing Solutions

Soundproofing Walls

Soundproofing walls is an effective way of reducing the noise between adjoining properties and offices and even studios.

We have a range of systems that can reduce and absorb the noise coming through.

Soundproofing Windows

Secondary acoustic glazing units are a very effective way of reducing outside noise from busy roads, railways, construction work as well as pubs and clubs that are nearby.

Not only do they offer a high acoustic reduction value they are great for keeping the heat in too.

Soundproofing Ceilings

Ceilings are an effective way of reducing noises from above whether you have a noisy neighbour living above you or suffer with heavy footfall our ceiling systems can help. We also offer a sound masking system too which is ideal for office spaces to increase productivity and increase confidentiality.

Soundproofing Floors

Floors are an effective way of reducing your noise going below or even noise coming up from the floor below.

We can create floating floors that can reduce footfall and reduce airborne noise such as speech and television noise from below.

For Commercial & Industrial Properties

Bournemouth soundproofing can now provide consultations for the commercial and industrial sector whilst liaising with project managers and architects to ensure the best possible performance can be achieved with bespoke noise reduction solutions.


Soundproofing Home Entertainment Rooms

We can provide you with services to reimagine any area into a luxury entertainment room tailored specifically to all of your needs from; home cinemas, drum rooms to gaming rooms or your traditional man cave.

Soundproofing Home Offices

Our staff, like many of the public are now working form home due to the current climate. Are you getting the most out of your new workspace? Are you like the majority of people who suffer from noisy neighbours?

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What our customers say…

Very friendly team. Excellent job from start to finish, leaving me with a lovely insulated floor. Highly recommend...


Steve and his team soundproofed the floors of my entire flat (900 sqf). They worked tidily and finished the job to a high standard.


Soundproofed 7 dogs by doing the wall and floor perfect job thanks Steve!


These guys couldn't be more helpful - they did the job quickly and efficiently - so hard working. So pleased with the results - thank you!


Fantastic job on both. couldn't recommend them enough. nice chaps and they felt like part of the family. Was sad to see them go they were that good and friendly.