Soundproofing Suspended Ceilings.

Domestic and commercial acoustic ceiling systems.

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Block out the noise from above

With our independent ceiling system

Sound transference from noisy neighbours is our most common problems facing our domestic soundproofing customers and as such we are able to provide a wide range of soundproofing solutions to combat airborne and vibrational frequencies.
Our soundproof ceiling systems are ideal for those looking to isolate noise from above. Whether you're a nightclub or pub owner or even a resident below looking to stop music escaping to different floors, our soundproof ceilings can be of assistance.

Soundproofing Suspended Ceiling

In what situations might a soundproof ceiling system be most useful?

  • Loud music.
  • TV noise.
  • Heavy footfall.
  • Shouting.
  • Dogs barking.
  • General invasion of privacy.
  • Doors slamming.
  • Improving heat retention within the property.

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What our customers say…

Very friendly team. Excellent job from start to finish, leaving me with a lovely insulated floor. Highly recommend...


Steve and his team soundproofed the floors of my entire flat (900 sqf). They worked tidily and finished the job to a high standard.


Soundproofed 7 dogs by doing the wall and floor perfect job thanks Steve!


These guys couldn't be more helpful - they did the job quickly and efficiently - so hard working. So pleased with the results - thank you!


Fantastic job on both. couldn't recommend them enough. nice chaps and they felt like part of the family. Was sad to see them go they were that good and friendly.